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Save money by buying better quality meat

Another surprise is meat quality. Cheap meat can often dramatically shrink when cooked. Check the small print on the packaging as often cheap meat contains added water which cooks off leaving you with a much smaller dinner. Fatty meat also tends to shrink leaving a small meal.

Spending a little more to get a good bit of meat can often pay dividends. Less shrinkage means more meat to eat and potentially allowing you to buy smaller packets of meat for similar cost to the larger "cheap" packets. We now buy 1 pack of 10-12 higher quality sausages to replace the 2 packets of 8 supermarket sausages we used to buy, there is far less fat & water released during cooking, the flavour is so much better and we save money into the bargain as the 1 pack is less that the 2 we used to have to buy.

Another benefit to quality meat is that is is usually far more flavoursome, however, this can be a problem as the family may want more!

If buying a joint or a whole bird, why not buy a bigger one and use the leftovers to make another meal or 2?