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Vouchers are an excellent way of saving money. Often a quick search can find a money off voucher or discount code for many of the traditional retailers and on-line retailers. Many retailers are offering discount vouchers as an incentive to get you through the door and to spend with them rather than elsewhere.

There's a good article in a "quality" newspaper about voucher codes which is worth a read.

You should always read the small print on any vouchers or promotion codes you want to redeem. Some are just marketing ploys, however, with a bit of reading around, it is often possible to find something to save you a few pounds on your weekly shopping bill.

Many supermarkets will have voucher books or promotional vouchers based on the data collected via loyalty cards. Whilst these can be used to target you for specific promotions, often I find that the vouchers are things I would want to buy. Keep an eye on the expiry date and plan your purchase carefully and a bargain can be yours. Some supermarkets will also accept vouchers for products that you have not bought, however, never assume the voucher will be accepted and always ensure that you do not plan your shopping trip based on the checkout operator accepting your voucher if you are not actually buying the discounted product.