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Make your own mince

Why is supermarket mince so expensive? After all minced meat is usually the left overs from cutting other joints and other cuts. You can make your own quality mince quite easily, all you need is a sharp knife and a cheap & simple mincing machine.

We use a lot of pork mince as the family prefer pork mince to beef, often the supermarket will have a good deal on pork leg or shoulder. A few minutes to cut off the bulk of the skin & fat and you have a chunk of meat ready to mince. Our mincer needs small chunks of meat, so a few more minutes with the knife and your pork joint is a bowl of meat chunks ready for mincing. Pop these chunks of meat through the mincing machine and you have a huge bowl of mince which can be used in just the same way as your supermarket meat. We usually bag up the meat and freeze it.

From our experience, it is advised to not cut too much of the fat when preparing the meat otherwise the mince will be too dry when you cook it.

We use a simple type of mincer, however, there are many different types of mincer from simple hand operated devices to fancy electric mincers. Click Here for a selection of mincers

Once you have your mince you can then look at other possibilities such as making your own sausages or burgers

Our last batch of mince worked out at just under £8 for the joint and this produced 4*500g bags of mince. Fresh mince from our supermarket is usually around £2.50 for a 450g tray of fresh pork mince. The result is the equivalent to a free portion of mince. If you are able to find reduced joints of meat (often towards the end of the day), the cost per portion can be reduced even further.

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