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Save money by buying more shopping.

It may sound an odd suggestion for someone trying to live cheaper, however, it is often cheaper to buy more than less.

Take a simple chicken dinner. Ignoring any ethical debate about animal welfare, a portion of diced chicken is a couple of pounds, a whole chicken can be had for just a pound or 2 more and this with a few minutes chopping will give you 3 or 4 times the quantity of diced chicken. Pop the extra in the fridge or freezer (if it has not already been frozen) and you have tomorrow's dinner meat ready.

Look at the cost of bigger packets.Our supermarket of choice sells a .5Kg packet of own brand pasta for around 80p, however, the 1Kg packet is £1.10 quite a big saving on buying the smaller packets. Check carefully though, a bigger packet is not always cheaper, recently the 24 pack of own brand loo roll was 25p more expensive than buying 2 of the 12 roll packets.

Prices can often vary from week to week so it is worth trying to budget over several weeks and save a little cupboard space for any bargains you see, however, exercise caution, if your budget is limited, there's no sense in blowing your weekly shopping money buying 6 month's worth of baked beans at the expense of buying fresh fruit & veg.