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How to live cheaper and keep the quality you are used to


With the recent downturn in the economy combined with the price hikes from retailers along with the austerity measures in place from the UK government and local authorities many employers are imposing a pay freeze or minimal rises, some even face a pay cut. The result of this is that a lot of people will have to review their finances and make changes to lifestyle.

This forced change period can actually be an opportunity to make a positive change to your lifestyle and your pocket. With a little effort you can make your money go further, save money, reduce expenditure and enhance your well-being.

Good food doesn't have to be costly, in fact it is possible to reduce fat, salt from your diet whilst improving the quality of the food you eat and save money while you are at it.

A few quick suggestions to get you started, we will cover many more.

  • Several pounds can be saved each month by ditching the satellite or cable TV subscription and installing a free to view system.
  • Broadband Internet is often cheaper if not purchased from your phone / TV provider.
  • Do you really need that fancy mobile phone costing £20 or more each month? If you don't make a huge number of calls, take a look at a PAYG option, you may save a fortune.